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You need experts to hire your experts. #ThatsOurScience

By being fully embedded in the Life Science ecosystem we deliver specialised talent on time and at the scale you need. We
offer a diverse range of products and services to anticipate your talent and resourcing challenges.

  • Most of our consultants have a Life Science

  • We build a wide network involving customers,
    candidates, and other ecosystem players

  • With more than 30 years’ experience, we are
    one of the leading staffing providers in science staffing

  • 30% of the talent we source is off-market

Astrid Van Tornout

Astrid Van Tornout

HR Consultant & Recruiter
​Master in Psychology. My added value for the Kelly Science team is, I can understand, detect and test personality traits and competencies required during the recruitment and selection phases. I create added value by plotting out career development of a candidate not just inside a function, but within our client’s company if they should ...