The future of Sickcare is Healthcare

Webinar: "The Future of Sickcare is Healthcare"

The future of Sickcare is Healthcare Life Science Webinar

Presented by Koen Kas who will bring us a completely novel, series of delightful health experiences in a fast shifting world.

Event Abstract 

In large parts of China, over 2.000 years ago, doctors were paid to keep people healthy. Once you became ill, you no longer had to pay. I will catapult you back to that future of healthcare. I introduce the ingredients to evolve from a medicine that is trying to cure us to one that keeps us healthy or even makes it 'better' through a visual whirlwind of the most exciting, most creative technological (digital) innovations that are gearing up to our medical practice. Get ready for a new kind of guardian angels: for the use of your personal biological code, wearables and invisible sensors, smartphone apps, smart social media and games.

For novel jobs which will arise. For pharma & life sciences companies which will have to shift gears. For customers which are Coronated. HR departments which pose different questions than before. But especially for a completely novel, series of delightful health experiences.


September 17th  2020

Start: 4:30 pm

End: 6 pm


Kelly Contacts

Mouna Guerfal Expert Consultant Life Sciences 

Caroline Noijons Operations Leader

Cindy Colombo Recruitment Consultant Life Sciences